Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is an exciting project which aims to promote the reduction of Carbon through alternative travel. This is achieved by training up local role models in the community to deliver training and education workshops. We aim to work firstly with primary schools, local community groups and then businesses. The project is supported through a social enterprise called MY Adventure.


This sustainable travel project improves the lives of the people in north Edinburgh and across the Capital by making cycling accessible.

Making cycling normal is at the heart of the project.

Chain Reaction is a junior climate challenge project entirely led by young people. And the results show that our grassroots approach is the way forward for cycling in Edinburgh.

Through our work with communities we are smashing the barriers to cycling through a number of key initiatives, empowering people to move away from car travel to a low-carbon lifestyle.

This is changing their physical and mental health for the better. More importantly, it’s changing their attitudes and skills. We train people to help others get on their bikes too.

Since Chain Reaction started in 2014 My Adventure has worked with over 1000 people, ran over 120 training sessions, qualified over 380 people, hired out over 680 cycle bikes and replaced over 427,000miles of car journeys!

The project is working because it challenges the mindset that cycling is a privilege or for recreation only. Once involved in our project people see it as an essential part of everyday travel in the City.

Learning to cycle and maintain a bike is fun and keeps people safe. We teach primary school children to cycle safely on a bike, delivering training to teachers and communities in bike mechanics, guided cycle rides using the cycle network and providing access to bikes.

We have also set up Centre’s and trained community champions to support people to fix broken bikes and save on the costs of repairs.

The hubs are getting more people back on their bikes and commuting around Edinburgh and having a real impact on Co2 reduction. Win, win, win!

Off the back of the enthusiasm and success of the project in North Edinburgh we are now rolling it out (cycling puns anyone?) across the City.

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