Teacher Training


We understand the importance of outdoor learning and have highly knowledgeable and skilled staff at designing and delivering meaningful experiences to schools. MY Adventure holds an Adventurous Activities License which means all of our activities have been approved by an inspector. We are also an approved provider for Edinburgh City Council and have group leader status.

With Curriculum for Excellence holding outdoor learning as a key part of every child’s education there is no better time to incorporate activities in the natural environment into school life. At MY Adventure we are passionate about the outdoors and jump at every opportunity to share our enthusiasm with young people.

MY Adventure supports schools by working  to develop in-curricular projects such as our MY Bike Project, builds bespoke alternative curricula projects such as Future Tracks, deliver adventurous activities and by runs teacher training in outdoor learning.

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MY Bike Training


Teaching the MY Bike course allows you to reach your students in a new way. The course is firmly focused on practical outcomes, which means that those who struggle in the classroom will find freedom to learn. While there is a highly­structured set of outcomes, the day­to­day activities will achieve them largely as a by­product of real­world tasks.

Outdoor Learning Training


This course is aimed at assisting schools, to embed place-based, outdoor learning in the day to day curriculum. The project will focus on staff training and support, building links in the local community and developing a sense of place amongst staff and students.

At the end of the project, teaching staff should have a deeper understanding of what place-based community learning involves as well as feel increased confidence in their ability to plan and deliver outdoor learning sessions, allowing them to continue to do so independently.