MY Adventure delivers on-site activities, off-site adventures and expeditions for secondary school students. We also design and deliver bespoke cross-curricular or developmental programmes for schools looking to achieve specific educational objectives.

MY Adventure works with over 35 schools across the City of Edinburgh and has the experience and expertise to support you and your students with educational and developmental experiences.

MY Adventure holds an Adventurous Activities License which means all of our activities have been approved by a Health and Safety Executive inspector. We are also an approved provider for Edinburgh City Council and our staff have group leader status.

With Curriculum for Excellence holding outdoor learning as a key part of every child’s education there is no better time to incorporate activities in the natural environment into school life. At MY Adventure we are passionate about the outdoors and jump at every opportunity to share our enthusiasm with young people.

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On-Site Activities


MY Adventure can provide half-day and full day on-site activities at your school. Our qualified and experienced instructors can deliver a range of safe, fun and educational activities for between 10 and 500 students.


Off-Site Adventures


MY Adventure can provide half-day and full day off-site adventures for your secondary school students. Our qualified and experienced instructors can deliver a range of safe, fun and educational off-site adventures for between 10 and 100 pupils.

MY Bike


MY BIKE provides industry ready qualifications and training related to cycling that enables students to achieve National 4’s. MY Bike has three core elements:

Mechanics: Achieving nationally recognised qualifications and skills.

Enterprise: Authentic business skills in the cycle industry.

Leadership: Including ‘community give back’ and Scottish Cycling qualifications.

Future Tracks


Future Tracks focuses on engaging at risk young people. We provide personal and social development for participants and mentor young people to realise their potential.

Project Aims:

  • Foster development through outdoor and experience education
  • Utilise our partners in industry to mentor the participants
  • Facilitate young people to re-engage with education or progress positively

Bespoke Programmes


MY Adventure supports schools by working  to develop in-curricular projects such as our MY Bike Project and builds bespoke alternative curricula projects such as Future Tracks. If you have educational or development objectives that you would like to work to achieve in a more experiential way, MY Adventure can support your school with funding advice and expertise.