Youth Work Games

MY Adventure is a social enterprise that reinvested all profits into community projects. Youth Work Games is one of the projects that we deliver.


Tug of war, swamp football and assault courses.

Just some of the awesome activities young people get to try out at our annual youth work games.

Every July we bring young people from across Scotland together giving them a chance to gain confidence, develop teamwork and try out new challenges.

Trying out new activities in the calm, safe environment away from home is a powerful experience for young people.

For two days on the stunning banks of Loch Tay young people from 12 to age 19 get stuck into physical activity outdoors and experience a healthy sense of competition!

They need the courage to have a go and the determination and self-belief to keep pushing to achieve.

After five years running the Games the young people coming along every year constantly inspire us.

In 2017 we had 10 teams of over 100 young people take part in 8 events.

At My Adventure we are specialists in working with young people. We run many youth groups, football Academy’s, school clubs and other youth targeted projects.

We set up the Youth Work Games inspired by the London Olympics in 2012. In the same spirit as the Olympics our Games encourage young people to develop strong values of respect, fair play and excellence.

We encourage young people to set a positive example by taking part and always giving their best, both on and off the field.

Along with the overall winner’s trophy there is a trophy awarded to the team that the staff and volunteers have identified as best sportsmen.

We also work with a group of young volunteers on the run up to the event to train them in communication skills and help them to be part of the staff team at the youth work games.

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