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MY Adventure is a social enterprise and believes that the work we do in all our projects have great aims that reflect our organisation.

At MY Adventure we strive to not only meet the aims of the projects but by working with the people we can go beyond the aims. All the projects we do have a long lasting legacy so that when the projects are complete it doesn’t require years of further funding.

MY Adventure understands the importance of working with the communities and not expecting the communities to work our way. We are a bottom up organisation and work this way. Our track record reflects this approach; working with the people on the ground not only makes these projects sustainable but gives the projects the best opportunity to reach the individuals it is aimed for.

There are many projects we have and are working on. The MY Adventure team are trained in youth work, community work, and social work and highly qualified in the outdoors. This provides us with a unique, diverse team that can work with all.

If you are interested in any of our projects or would like to find out more about other projects that are not currently doing please get in touch