Feature Friday: Top 5 Adventurous kids’ parties in Edinburgh

December 17, 2015

Children’s parties are harder and harder to organise these days… there is so much you can do! I have a 4 year old and 9 year old, and there previous parties were in a large hall with a bouncy castle, cake and party games. So many kids’ parties are this way – “The traditional birthday party”. I asked my oldest this year what he wanted to do for his birthday. He said he wanted the same as his friends (hiring a hall or soft play, going to laser quest or having a sleep over). Both his mum and I were happy with any of these options so left the decision up to him, I asked what his favourite was and he said he ‘didn’t know!’ I knew that he had, had all of these types of parties in the past, so he should a favourite… one that with a lasting memory. So I asked him which party he remember from all of his last ones and his answer, ‘rock climbing!’ So I asked him…

Was this because it was not only a birthday celebration but it was an experience he shared with his friends that has left a lasting memory?

So, his mum and I told him that for his birthday this year he could do anything he wanted and he chose canoeing and camping with some friends from his class. Very unusual and no-one else had done this! He told me after that it was his best birthday ever! And not because he got very VERY expensive Lego or all the other toys or even the amazing meal his mum cooked on his birthday but because of his birthday party – just him and his friends on a river in
a canoe.



It makes me think about options for other parents
like me wishing to give their active children a birthday party to remember. Below I have compiled 5 of the best adventurous birthday parties for small kids.

1) Canoeing is a great adventurous activity which can be tailored to as hard or easy depending on the group ability. All ages can go canoeing and can include as lots and lots of people or a small friends and family group. Days canoeing can be made bespoke for the child. You could go along the canal, down a river or round a loch. Kids love the feeling of adventure of being in water and with life jackets and water proofs on. They enjoy being in charge of the canoe with their friends on it, playing around and splashing the other boats. A day canoeing is not only a great experience but “it also tires the kids out”

2) Climbing indoor or outdoor depending on the weather. Climbing is for those wanting to achieve something and be able to go home saying I got to the top or I held the rope for my friend. Climbing is a kid friendly sport and we at MY Adventure have turned climbing into a fun packed session full of learning and most importantly playing lots of games and having fun. MY Adventure has developed sessions for all ages so from start to finish its ‘GO GO GO’ with learning how to rock climb, how to tie the ropes and even how to belay ( hold the rope while your friends going up). Having a session of climbing will give any child a great day to remember for life.


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3) Archery has been a favourite in the last year for kid’s parties. As archery can be moved to whatever venue you want or that we can provide in Edinburgh, it is easy enough to run the activity closer to your home. The session starts with some training then practicing a short break and then lots of fun games. The archery arrows and bows are all real “very similar to Robin Hoods” which gives the children a sense of danger this adds to the experience and the great day for all who takes part.

4) Cycling is for kids with lots of energy who don’t want to be cooped up in a house. Kids love having a shot on the bike tracks and being able to go far and fast. In the past when I have taken part in a kids cycling party we learnt some skills, played games then had a shot on the bike track. Once all had a few shots on the bike track we begun on our long cycle trip this was led by the birthday boy or girl. The great thing about cycling is that all abilities can take part as My Adventure has special designed bikes to help low confident cyclists and people of all ages.

5) Camping is one of the amazing experiences a child can get. This is an experience the child will remember for years to come. Not only will the birthday child remember this but the whole group that goes along. Camping is a much harder parties to organise but when booking with My Adventure we make it as easy as it can get. The only part that will be left to you is to get the kids group together. An overnight camping trip with games, camps fires, ghost stories and sharing valuable time with close friends is what every child needs. Being able to spend time away from technology where you can be as loud as you want build a den that you and your friends can sit in and a camp fire which you can cosy around to stay warm at night is an amazing birthday experience. Depending on the group, we can also offer additional activities on the camping trip including hill walking, river paddling or any of the above activities. My two boys and their friends all remember these birthday parties and will when they all grow up together as a close group of friends.


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I hope some of these suggestions have been useful. I asked my oldest to give me a few words that explained these activities, He said: Fun, different, learning new things and an ADVENTURE!

All these activate are delivered and have been for years by MY Adventure. We deliver these activities to a very high standard, have specific activities licenses, as we are specialist in working with kids we are best placed to make your children’s parties an experience they won’t forget.