Feature Friday: Top 5 Adventurous activites to do on a Stag / Hen Party in Edinburgh

November 28, 2015

So welcome to the first ♯FeatureFriday blog (I’m Ross by the way… Head of Operations at MY Adventure, outdoor enthusiast, not a ‘‘blogger’’ at all but lets see how it goes!) Today’s feature Friday is going to highlight our top five favourite adventurous activities for hen or stag party visiting Edinburgh.

I thought I would write this, as my first blog post, because we often get hen/ stag party planners enquiring to get advice about different adventure options, suitability for mixed ability groups, what to bring, questions about safety or how to make a weekend away as memorable as possible – so here are some words and pictures for anyone interested ☺

Right! So a couple of assumptions to start; Firstly as you are already aware (if not pretty convinced) Edinburgh is the place to be in terms of a location for a hen or stag do! And you know what, we completely agree… Edinburgh is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with history, architecture, culture, class, fine food and whiskey, all in a stunning setting. However that’s not why your here, (and now for assumption two) you and your friends want just one more thrill to make your celebration truly magic!

Now in my opinion, an adventurous activity complements a hen or stag party perfectly! If it’s a full or half-day activity, you will visit an awesome location and have a taste of adventure that will entertain, challenge and thrill (as well as getting that o so important profile picture!) Here at MY Adventure, we work with lots of hen and stag party and the consensus is clear, an adventurous activity is too much fun to miss. This is the MY Adventure list of the five best adventurous activities for hen or stag party visiting Edinburgh.

*Gnar factor is a fictitious grading system that is based on the look you mum has when you tell her what you did…

Number 5: Canoeing Not all adventurous activities are about adrenaline filled gnar-fests and canoeing is a prime example of an activity that is relaxed and suitable for all abilities. Canoeing will take you on a journey thought some Scotland’s most beautiful waterways and is a mellow way to spend the day. Personally what I like most about taking part in and organising canoeing sessions is that they can be tailored to exact what you want! If you want to ride rapids, capsize, splash and get wet its done, but if you would like to stay dry, see some scenery, chat and chill canoeing will tick all those boxes! This is a safe and reasonably priced adventurous activity that is suitable for all abilities.

Gnar factor 4/11

Number 4: Archery Maid Marian and Robin Hood are badass and so is archery. Archery is an indoor activity that we run in Edinburgh city centre, its inclusive and all about the banter and a little bit of competition. A two-hour session to add different dimension to your day.

Gnar-Factor 2/11

Number 3: Canyoning Right! Here is where it gets spicy! The Canyoning just outside the City of Edinburgh is world class, but not for the faint hearted. We will be abseiling, sliding down shoots, jumping off and climbing up waterfalls – properly ninja for sure! Canyoning is a physical activity where you will be wearing wetsuits, climbing harness and helmets, so a base level of fitness is desirable, as well as enthusiasm and a sense of humour. Canyoning is an unforgettable experience and you will not be disserpointed!

Gnar-Factor 9/11

*Due to recent legislation we cannot exceed gnar-factor 9 (Lol!)

Number 2: Mountain Biking Mountain biking is an adventurous activity that can be tailored to the needs of a group. A day out can be on everything from canal toe paths to single track mountain trails, it is up to you! Mountain biking does require people to have a base level of fitness to really make the most of it, but the breadth of awesome venues near Edinburgh means that sessions can be constructed around the group.

Gnar-Factor 7-8/11

Number 1: Coasteering Coasteering is the greatest hen or stag party adventurous activity! You will spend the day swimming, jumping, climbing, exploring and all within an hour drive of Edinburgh. Coasteering is the perfect of addition to a hen or stag weekend and is an activity that all abilities can enjoy. This is for the thrill seekers and the more relaxed members of the group. If you want a bigger jump we can make that happen or if you are happier taking selfies in an awesome place that’s cool too.

Gnar-Factor 9/11