DofE Expedition Routes & Planning

At My Adventure Edinburgh, we provide the expedition phase of Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Awards for schools and private groups in Edinburgh and the Lothians. The DofE Expedition phase is aimed at young people, encouraging them to challenge themselves through outdoor adventures. Participants plan and execute expeditions that involve hiking or canoeing, camping, and navigation, fostering skills like teamwork, resilience, and leadership.

Our hiking DofE Expeditions primarily take place on the outskirts of Edinburgh in the Pentland Hills and Lomond Hills. Both of these locations provide safe and rural landscaped for Duke of Edinburgh Groups to work on their navigation, teamwork, camping, and leadership skills. 

Duke of Edinburgh Routes
  • Training
  • Pentland Hills
  • Lomond Hills
  • Dunkeld
  • Trossachs
  • Bridge of Orchy

DofE Training Day

At My Adventure, as well as the expedition, we also provide Training Days for Duke of Edinburgh participants. This allows the group to practice their skills and have the expedition experience prior to their final expedition, where they will get marked by an expedition assessor. 

On expedition training days, our experience instructors work through Equipment Packing and Carrying, Outdoor Cooking, First Aid, Pitching Tents and Navigational skills: such as map and compass work. Not only do the training days allow participants to practice expedition tasks, the training days also allow participants to learn more about themselves, their team and work together in a group to help create an enjoyable Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. 

Bronze – The Pentland Hills

For our Bronze expedition groups, we take our groups to the Pentland Hills located on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The Pentland Hills offers a diverse range of terrain which requires beginner level navigation skills for DofE participants, making it the perfect location for Bronze groups. 

Here is an example of a route Bronze Duke of Edinburgh participants: 

Bronze – The Lomond Hills

Located in Fife, near Edinburgh the Lomond Hills makes for the perfect location for Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Similar to the Pentland Hills, the Lomond’s offer a diverse range of terrain which requires beginner level navigation skills for DofE participants, making it another perfect location for Bronze groups. 

Silver – Dunked & The Trossachs

Dunked & the Trossachs are two of our Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition locations. Both locations provide tougher navigation to challenge the Silver Award participants. 

Gold – The Bridge of Orchy

The Bridge of Orchy is located in the Scottish Highlands and draws outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world to challenge themselves navigating the off-grid mountains. Gold Duke of Edinburgh expeditions require mental and physical strength and extremely good navigation skills, making The Bridge of Orchy the perfect location for the challenging final stage of the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

At My Adventure, we are a provider that delivers the expedition phase of the Duke of Edinburgh Award for schools and private groups across Scotland. Our qualified and experienced guides work alongside the school/ group to help each member achieve goals and develop skills that are valuable for life, at the same time as enjoying the Duke of Edinburgh Award journey. 

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