Last month was my start to the trad season. It was a really sunny day, so a few friends and I went across to Hawkcraig. We forgot just how windy it can be there though, so although Edinburgh was lovely, we had a few very chilly climbs. My first lead of the year was Pain [...]
Children’s parties are harder and harder to organise these days... there is so much you can do! I have a 4 year old and 9 year old, and there previous parties were in a large hall with a bouncy castle, cake and party games. So many kids’ parties are this way – “The traditional birthday [...]
So welcome to the first ♯FeatureFriday blog (I’m Ross by the way… Head of Operations at MY Adventure, outdoor enthusiast, not a ‘‘blogger’’ at all but lets see how it goes!) Today’s feature Friday is going to highlight our top five favourite adventurous activities for hen or stag party visiting Edinburgh. I thought I would [...]
...and to our first blog post. So often we get to the end of an awesome day of adventure and then drop in the fact we are a social enterprise and our adventurers want to know more. So here's the more... MY Adventure was set up 5 years ago by the Muirhouse Youth Development Group, an amazing [...]